Kazzhair UK have been trading since 2013 and are now supplying excellent quality human hair extensions and accessories to the UK. We are the only and first company in the UK to supply the original Micro Tapes ( Micro Tapes are very big in Australia) and they are the most gentlest individual extension application type on the market for your hair. Qualifications for micro tapes can be obtained through us as we are also an academy.What is even better is our professional hair extension technicians at Kazzhair can answer any questions you may have.

We take great pride in offering you a professional, caring and helpful customer service experience. Kazzhair have a professional team on hand ready to help you with any questions that you may have about Kazzhair UK hair extensions.
We stock a large range of Micro tapes,U-Tips and Wefts. Our hair extension colour range is extensive. Including beautiful natural shades to extravagant bright colours and blended mixed tones, colour wheel

We also have a range of course/training available taught by a qualified teacher and are a proud member of IICT and BGI UK

Thank You again for visiting Kazzhair UK

Welcome to Kazzhair UK

Welcome to KazzHair

Please note that unless you are qualified in these hair extension application Microtapes, Keratin bonds and Link weft Kazzhair UK will NOT be responsible for any issues with 1. Your application 2. Your client 3. The product