Micro Tapes are amazing

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What are Kazzhair UK Micro Tapes

Micro tape hair extensions are the same as the other tape extensions they can come in various different colours from your blacks, browns, blondes, your copper, auburns, your mixed colours, your two-tones, your ombre, bright fashion colours

The difference is the sizeMicro tapes-

Are flat, flexible, invisible

Are a new and exciting product for your clients to try

Each strand averages out to 1.5 grams

Eliminate client complaints

Easy to apply and remove

Our Hair is a Russian European Blend

Fantastic high-quality human hair which lasts 12 to 16 months

We use strong Italian Blue Tape (no slipping)

Have a huge range of colours

Special colour and size requests can be ordered

Micro Tape hair extensions combine the flatness of tape extensions, with the flexibility of keratin bonds. They are extremely fast to apply and cause minimal strain on the natural hair. Because they are smaller and finer they can be applied closer to the hairline, and higher and lower on the head, but still not be seen or felt, providing the client with the most natural looking and easy to style hair extensions available today. Micro Tape hair extensions have a strong, secure bond and will not come loose during wear. Removal is simple, quick, clean, and non-damaging. Micro Tape hair extensions are available exclusively to professional hair extensionists and salons. Micro Tape Hair Extensions are Ethically Sourced,100% Human Remy Russian European blended Hair.

Kazzhair UK stand by the quality of our hair

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Please note that unless you are qualified in these hair extension application Microtapes, Keratin bonds and Link weft Kazzhair UK will NOT be responsible for any issues with 1. Your application 2. Your client 3. The product